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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Politics - Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Old Juvenal must have known whereof he spoke. Who shall guard the guardians? The Founding Fathers' response to that was to place separate and equal powers in the hands of three groups - the legislative, the judiciary, and the executive - and give each the power to watch, or guard against intrusions of, the other two.

This is why no one branch of government - neither judiciary nor legislative, and most certainly not executive - should ever escape the watchful eye of the other two.

Now that Abu Gonezales has thoroughly corrupted the Justice Department, in which the WH has deeply embedded its tentacles, we see results such as these. That picture up above is a mug shot of one John David R. Atchison, Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Florida.

According to the blogs at USA Today, that miserable son of a stray piece of offal
... arrived at the airport in Detroit "with a Dora the Explorer doll, hoop earrings and petroleum jelly for a 5-year-old he planned to have sex with" following a series of online conversations with an undercover investigator.
Fortunately, the "child" in this case was a myth, part of a setup by an investigative team looking for sexual predators.

You know, I can understand why adult men get all stupid over teenage girls. Many underage girls, 14 and up, are deceptively adult in appearance. And at that age, they glow with health and beauty and youth, their skin is often perfect, their hair lustrous and thick, their eyes bright, unclouded with broken dreams and bitter experience. But a five-year old? That's a BABY, dammit! That's not genetically coded to be attractive to anyone except a very very sick and twisted person.

Small children are expected to raise two reactions in us: protection and repulsion. Often both simultaneously, because, as anyone who's had to deal with small children knows, they're nothing but a loud noise at one end with no sense of social responsibility at the other. They often stink of pee, poop, or puke. They often throw up or spit on the nearest person or thing. They're often covered in dubious sticky substances. Like snot. They can't help it, they're still exploring themselves and the world around them, and cleanliness is not part of their normal experience. That has to be schooled into them.

I distinctly remember being five years old and enjoying watching and feeling chocolate melt all over my grubby little five-year-old hand. I carefully smeared it all over my brand new clothes just to see how it felt. When my mother finally noticed, she screamed and almost fainted. I remember walking barefoot through mud because it squished between my toes with such a sensuous feeling. I don't remember exactly when I lost the shoes and socks my parents had spent so much to buy, but hey, I had fun. That's what being five years old is all about.

How on earth does anybody find that sexual? Or attractive? Holy quacking duckshit, when I had to deal with a five-year-old, all I could think of was hosing her off on a daily basis. I loved that child, I love her still, and she was exceptionally clean as children go, but periodically she managed to get so much detritus on and about her person that I began to fantasize technological inventions that would wash children, much like a car-wash. You put them in one end and feed a quarter in the machine and they come out all sparkling clean on the other.

And then along comes this wretched pervert - and deity only knows how many like him are out there - and I feel sickened to the depths of my soul. This purulent pig actually had the gall to tell the undercover cop that he had "done this" numerous times.

To make it unimaginably worse, he's married with children. I pity his poor wife. She must be going crazy right now wondering if he's ever assaulted their children, or the children of friends, neighbours, relatives.

Confession of the day: I'm a pacifist, I abhor violence, and I decry the death penalty EXCEPT for pedophiles and paraphiliacs of the type who get sexual gratification from causing nonconsensual injury to others. I truly believe that pedophiles and psychopathic serial killers can never be cured and as long as they live they pose a danger to society. I also don't believe that society can guarantee that such people will never again be able to cause harm, once apprehended. And, I believe that imprisonment such as it is in current society is more cruel than death. To lock up another human being away from sunlight and fresh air and humane society is to kill the human spirit. Killing the body is a mere pecadillo by comparison. And this son of an unmentionable is sadly in need of a swift execution.

There, I said it. Go ahead, call me a murderer. But if he really has had sexual relations with many young children, he's the worse murderer, because he has murdered their innocence and their childhood and their spirit. And for that, he richly deserves to die.

There is a very slight possibility that he's simply an idiot going through some emotional turmoil in his life which makes him indulge this sick fantasy. But somehow I don't think so.

Update: I wasn't sure that Mr. Atchison was a Republican, although I strongly suspected that he was. Today, I find confirmation here.

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