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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Iraq - Pipeline Sabotaged Again

Image courtesy of Steve Bell at the Guardian

The pipeline that transports Iraqi oil from Kirkuk to the Turkish city of Ceyhan has been destroyed by sabotage, according to a report in ArabianBusiness.

I went looking for the news because a visit to Gordon & Fixer's put me on to Iraqi Oil Report. Gord highlighted this snippet, which I found pretty amusing, too.

More on Iraq Oil

Bush/Patraeus/Crocker kept repeating last week the fact that the oil pipeline from Kirkuk to Turkey was reopened after spending most of the war years under attack and out of commission, a small sign of progress. A bomb blast Tuesday morning corrected that.

Now, is that "Great minds think alike," or "Small minds seldom differ"?

I just got through watching Gillo Pontecorvo's Battle of Algiers, including all the bonus material, interviews with the freedom fighters, and the generals who conducted the campaigns. It's left me feeling mighty unsympathetic to the administration's oil baron buddies who thought they could just waltz in there and take half the oil and kill a bunch of the people, theirs and ours, and walk off with a profit. Hopefully they'll all be forced to disgorge their ill-gotten gains, and maybe even spend a few decades in prison.

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