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Friday, September 21, 2007

Iraq - Blackwater Implicated in Arms-Smuggling?

AP reports that Federal prosecutors are investigating employees of murderous mercenary agency Blackwater for illegally smuggling into Iraq weapons that were sold through the black market to insurgent forces that are using them against U.S. military personnel. From the report:
The U.S. Attorney's Office in Raleigh, N.C., is handling the investigation with help from Pentagon and State Department auditors, who have concluded there is enough evidence to file charges, the officials told The Associated Press. Blackwater is based in Moyock, N.C.


The [Raleigh News & Observer]'s report that the company itself was under investigation could not be confirmed by the AP.


In the United States, officials in Washington said the smuggling investigation grew from internal Pentagon and State Department inquiries into U.S. weapons that had gone missing in Iraq. It gained steam after Turkish authorities protested to the U.S. in July that they had seized American arms from the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, rebels.

The Turks provided serial numbers of the weapons to U.S. investigators, said a Turkish official.
Naturally, the PKK is involved. So goes the tinderbox that is Iraq today. And the mealy-mouthed Republicans keep on talking about how they want to end the war, yet repeatedly vote against any measure that could limit it in the slightest.

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