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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hope - It's The Thing With Feathers

Or maybe that's a stork. A gay stork? A pair of gay storks? TWO pairs of gay storks?

A silly story from Ananova because I'm going through way too much stress and pain right now, and all the Iraq occupation/War/crumbling economy/NOLA/mortgage and foreclosure/environmental degradation crap is just bringing me down way too much.

You too, I'll bet.

So I'm kinda glad the folks at this zoo decided to adopt out some stork eggs:
Gay storks make good parents

Four gay storks have proved they are as capable of raising a family as their heterosexual counterparts.

Staff at the zoo in Overloon, near Eindhoven, were unsure if the gay and lesbian storks would still have the same natural urge to raise offspring.

But after giving one egg to a pair of gay males to sit on, and another two eggs to a pair of lesbian storks, they say the gay storks took to parenthood straight away.

Zoo spokeswoman Esther Jansen said all three chicks had hatched successfully: "The gay storks look after the eggs and the chicks just as well as our heterosexual birds."
I don't even want to know how one determines heterosexuality in birds. It's not like captive animals in zoos have much choice about their mating partners. In fact, it's not like animals, governed by instinct as they are, have any choice about their biological urges. Thank goodness humans do!

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