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Friday, August 24, 2007

Politics - I Could Have Danced All Night

when I heard that revolting hypocritical toad and ineffectual sleazebucket Denny Hastert, former Squealer of the House, had announced his retirement.

Dennis Hastert dressed up as a taxicab

Denny must love me, because he followed up his announcement with the news that he is stepping down in November 2007 - a year early - leaving Illinois' Democratic Governor Rod Blagojevich to name his replacement.

Actually, I'm beginning to think the whole fucking Republican party is in love with me. No sooner does fat Denny ooze out of the House on his trail of slime, than Ray "aptly named" LaHood (Rat-Ill) announces his retirement, Deborah Pryce R-OH, GO AWAY) announces she's stepping down, and Charles Pickering, (R-MissU2) announces he's stepping down. Now Rick Renzi of Arizona is stepping down. Hopefully, this is catching. We need a few good grassroots progressives elected. We need more corrupt senators to lose their positions so that the Republicans can no longer maintain the logjam in Congress. We need the worst of these monsters out now so that we can start on the arduous task of fixing all the things they fucked up with their insatiable greed.

But first, we need to celebrate. Where's the champagne?

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