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Friday, August 24, 2007

Some Friday night tidbits, or how about that!

So I'm listening to Mike Malloy tonight on Nova M Radio and found out about a bunch of juicy little tidbits. How is this for staters?

1. Apparently Mother Theresa had a real crisis of faith and became an agnositc if not an outright atheist! Time has a report on it here.
Who would have thunk it!

2. Two Republican strategists were found murdered in Orlando, FL and their murderer committed suicide:

Apparently the two murdered men were partners, oh horrors! They were gay lovers! And the other Republican murdered them for it and then killed himself. Aren't Republican values wonderful!

3. And then you heard the report that Bush is now going to outsource intelligence gathering to private companies instead of have the NSA and CIA do it. Even Drudge has a page on it:

So let's see. The companies that get the contracts to gather intelligence also make the weapons used in the war started by their intel and then they get the contracts to rebuild the stuff that gets blown up. Sounds like the perfect business plan as long as you aren't at the business end. Talk about pure evil, I have I mentioned how much I hate these people? I don't know but I am sure Mike Mallow has! And I hate them too!


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