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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Politics - The Torture Never Stops

Yes, I did go looking for news of ol' squashface here. In case you didn't already know, Rep. Bob Allen is a rabidly homophobic, misogynistic, lying, perverted piece of hypocritical buttfluff. You can tell just by looking at him, although it helps to have independent confirmation. Allen, who was McCain's Florida campaign manager, is known for his vigorous defense of heterosexual marriage and his equally vigorous denunciation of the Homosexual Lifestyle Choice. And, despite the fact that he represents a fairly bigoted narrow-minded section of the electorate, Allen does not expect his sexual peccadillo to affect his chances of re-election.

On another, altogether snarkier note, you can see from the above pic why Rep. Allen would have to pay to give someone else a blow job.

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