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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Politics - Republicans And Sex Crimes

Okay, is there some kind of vast rightwing conspiracy afoot to shoot the Republican party in its collective ass, or what? Note that paragon of virtue above. What can be said about this sick motherfucker who is
A former South Dakota lawmaker charged with rape and other sex crimes against two girls in foster care at his home pleaded not guilty today in Hughes County Circuit Court.

Ted Klaudt of Walker was earlier indicted on four counts of second-degree rape alleged to have occurred in Pierre when he was in the Legislature.

At least one of the alleged offenses involving one girl occurred when she was a page during a lawmaking session.

Klaudt faces similar charges in Corson County and will be arraigned on those counts July 20.
Additional information, including the affidavits of the involved parties, may be viewed here. Unbelievable. According to blogger Chad at CleanCutKid, old LardBucket Klaudt co-sponsored, and is a major supporter of, a bill banning all abortions. Gotta love those Republican Fambly Valyooos.

On the plus side, at least you won't have to be a master sniper to hit Klaudt in the ass. That's a generous target there. Hope his prison boyfriend thinks so too.

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