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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Politics - Executive Privilege for WHAT???

I am beyond furious. Boy George, who never served a day in his life and stumbled out of the Air Force with a tooter up his nose and a bottle in his hand, is now claiming that he is entitled to refuse to turn over documents regarding Pat Tillman's death. Executive Privilege. Henry Waxman is chairing the hearings on the issue. He had this to say in a letter to White House Counsel Fred Fielding:
"It is difficult to believe that these are the only communications that White House officials had with the Department of Defense between April 22,2004, the day Corporal Tillman died, and May 29, 2004, the day the Bush Administration publicly announced that Corporal Tillman's death was a result of fratricide," they wrote.


"These questions have implications for the credibility of the information coming from the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan and raise significant policy issues about how to prevent the future dissemination of untrue information," Waxman and Davis wrote to Fielding. "They also have a profound personal impact on the Tillman family. It is for these reasons that the Committee requested documents from the White House."

The Committee said that it expected a response to the Friday letter by July 25. Waxman also scheduled an additional hearing on the announcement of Tillman's death for Aug. 1.

Full information can be found at the Committee's website.
And what about LaVena Johnson, murdered in Iraq? What about her family?

Let's de-executivize the motherfucker already so we can try his and Cheney's pasty asses on charges of fucking Justice, Morality, Leadership, Principle, and Ethics with a rusty chainsaw.

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