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Monday, June 18, 2007

Environment - Did I Just Say Drought?

Am I turning into a prophet? Or is my natural cynicism finally failing to keep up with the deteriorating State of the World around me? Almost makes me fearful to predict anything. In any event, in my most recent post, I speculated about whether this was going to be a drought year.

Guess what, peeps? No? Not one teensy guess? Three choices, no prizes.

It's going to be a drought year. In some places.
Northern China has been fighting a drought that has lasted nearly 10 years, sapping rivers of water and leaving reservoirs at near record lows.

Water volume in the Guanting reservoir is only about three percent of its 4.2-billion-cubic-metre (147-billion-cubic-feet) capacity, according to Zhang Junfeng, a water expert with the Green Earth Volunteers environmental group.

Zhang blames the building of reservoirs upstream, but more importantly global warming and a lack of rainfall.

Chinese authorities have also acknowledged in recent months that global warming is at least partly to blame for the unusually high temperatures to have hit northern China.
I wonder when Stupie McPoopyhead will finally figure it out. Or maybe he did, already, and that's why he bought land that sits on top of a Paraguayan aquifer. He'll have his, and screw the peasants, they're not getting any.


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