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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Politics - Blair the Poodle Knew

Image from Bartcop?

Tony Blair knew that The Idiot Child had no plan whatsoever for the Iraq war, yet he committed troops anyway! So says the Guardian on the basis of revelations by key aides of Blair. Gods, I hope the British public roasts him alive for this. To send other people's relatives to danger and death based on bullshit??? Unconscionable!

Update: Well, well, well. It appears that the House of Lords will hold an inquiry into the foofaraw after all. Let's hope they find Tony and his cronies guilty of war crimes and hang him by the neck till he is dead. How immoral is that, to know that you are entrusting the lives of people who trust in you into the hands of a psychopathic dry drunk of limited wit and perverse malignity? And he did it even though Commander von Bunnypants told him his military was not needed. Evil. These people are evil. What bought you, Tony? What was your price, man? Did he promise you the running of the World Bank, or a posh private estate near the Paraguayan aquifer? You made a deal with the devil, Tony, and I hope it burns you. As badly as some of those poor Iraqi children whose blood is on your hands.

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