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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Environment - Storms Hit U.K.

We were in the U.K. and Ireland some years ago in June - very early June, I might add. It was so hot, we could barely move. The buildings had clearly been designed to keep the cold air out and warm, stale air in. We did the usual touristy thing of visiting the museums and libraries and taking the buses and underground everywhere, and I had come prepared for spring weather. I had to buy linen shirts and shorts because all my clothing was too heavy and thick.

More climate change this year:
Sir David King told a committee of MPs that global warming has already altered the climate and the country will have to prepare for extreme weather such as heat waves and "torrential downpours".

He said the summer of 2003, which killed an estimated 32,000 people across Europe, was a "climate change-driven event" and one of the world's biggest natural disasters.
The recent floods have claimed at least one victim.


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