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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Politics - AttorneyGate

Jeebus, Gonezales is even more of a retard than Chimpy McStupie. And don't nobody give me shit about my use of the term. I wouldn't use it to describe a person with a genuine mental limitation, but it's perfectly OK to use it on an inane, underachieving draft-dodger with an allergic reaction to reality. This guy works HARD at cultivating stupid. Anyway, here's Abu G on his plans to add further dignificitude to the Attorney-General's office. Feckin' eejit:
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales plans annual evaluations of US attorneys including a way to discuss grievances from politicians.

"If that should happen," writes Andrew Zajac in an editorial for the Chicago Tribune on Sunday, "expect the fair-mindedness and independence Americans still count on from their Justice Department to slip."

"At least once a year every United States attorney is going to sit down with either myself or the deputy attorney general, and we're going to have a very candid conversation about issues and problems in their districts," Gonzales told the House Judiciary Committee last month. "If I've heard of complaints from a member of Congress, it gives me an opportunity or the deputy attorney general an opportunity to tell the U.S. attorney what we're hearing."
What this boils down to is, any halfway decent and/or competent lawyer will get the fuck out of there post-haste, leaving the toadying bottom-feeders and Professional Xian Rethuglicans to swill about in the devolving scum that Abu G and Stupie McPoopy have turned the Justice Department into.

Christ! It beggars belief.

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