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Monday, June 18, 2007

Environment - Did I Just Say Drought, Part 3

Oh, dear. Spain is hosting a conference on drought. The rain in Spain, it would appear, no longer falls mainly on the plain. In fact, it plainly ain't. Falling, that is. Much.

Some words of wisdom from the Malian minister of culture:
Traore warned that simply sending immigrants home would not effectively address the problem as on returning home they would find "the same poverty and shortage of water" that had driven them to seek a new life in the first place.

And she criticised developed societies for a consumer-orientated lifestyle which he said was using up scarce resources and speeding up climate change, bringing desertification and drought to Africa and beyond.
See, the problem with some people having a great deal and others having little to nothing is that, sooner or later, those who have nothing come calling on those who have it all. And if you don't share what you have with them, they take it away from you. Forcibly. Sure, you can pay men and women with guns and bombs to ensure that you got yours for a while longer, but guns and bombs are of little use against huge masses of people. You can only shoot so many people before they overrun you. And sooner or later, the people doing the shooting figure out what's going on, and they don't want to be a part of it. Or, worse yet, they decide to shoot you.

Remember Dien Bien Phu? Masses of Vietn Minh guerrillas stormed the camp and literally overran it. When people have nothing to lose, they will throw their lives away without counting the cost.


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