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Monday, April 16, 2007

More On The Incivility Wars

Brooke McEldowney, cartoonist extraordinaire and creator of one of my favorite strips (9 Chickweed Lane), contributes to the discussion:

I couldn't resize the strip sufficiently to be visible to any but the best vision, but here's a transcript:

A locutionary field guide to Earth (the hard little planet with the soft center).

Murder and incivility:antipodes on the spectrum of affronts to society, incivility being the most heinous.

On Earth, the crime of murder is universally celebrated, a fascinating wellspring of entertainment profits that corresponds in direct proportion to the ferocity of the murder. To date, there are very few, if any, television programs, novels, stories, plays, or films about incivility.

Mr. McEldowney was kind enough to grant me permission to post this strip here. Please do not violate his copyright by copying this strip. For a look at some of his work, go to 9 Chickweed Lane.You can contact him at that site.

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