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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Health - Breeders' Cup

With millions of children starving to death every day, or being violently abused by their parents, guardians, and other caretakers, sold into slavery, raped, tortured, or discarded like spent trash, the Miracle of Assisted Reproduction, far from derailing, appears to be picking up speed. You can now make sperm cells from bone marrow. So says Auntie Beeb. And no doubt the wealthy and infertile hordes will push for more dollars to be spent to bring little DesignerTrophies and MiniMes into the world. Bugger the starving millions, we can always turn them into fertilizer for the crops, right? Right?

Sometimes I feel so deeply cynical and bitter.

The most important thing? Infertility is not a disease. Humans are not obligate breeders - they will not die or sicken if they do not breed. And there are already way too many of us. What's more, while we spend millions making weapons to kill each other, and assisting reproduction, people are dying of perfectly curable diseases. Folks, not everybody needs to reproduce. And in fact some people need to not reproduce. Truly.


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