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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Politics - Poodle Delusional

Tony Blair, preening himself

This poodle is almost as delusional as his master. He is only saved by the fact that Chimpy McFascist is thicker than two short bricks, whereas Blair is as thick as two short bricks. Here, he babbles like one who has lost all reason:

By Adrian Croft Fri Apr 27, 12:21 PM ET

LONDON (Reuters) - Prime Minister Tony Blair, preparing to step down after a decade in power, says he has changed British politics for good and history will judge his decision to back the invasion of Iraq.

Blair set out his achievements in a memo to lawmakers of the ruling Labour Party, obtained by Reuters on Friday, and described by the media as his "last will and testament."

Blair is expected to announce his resignation soon after he reaches the milestone of 10 years in office on May 1 and after local elections on May 3 in which the Labour Party is expected to take a mauling.
That's the extent of his achievements. He invaded Iraq, licked his master's boots, and ruined the Labout Party. A la lanterne, I tell you.


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