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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Iraq War - Attacks Inside The Green Zone

Photo from Crimes of War


A blast ripped through a canteen in the Iraqi parliament complex inside Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone on Thursday, causing casualties, a correspondent for state television said.

Iraqiya television flashed a bulletin at the bottom of the screen but no other details were immediately given about the explosion, which marks a major breach of security in the most heavily guarded site in Iraq.

Mobile telephones and landlines in central Baghdad around the Green Zone were not able to be reached after the blast.

Now, more than ever, I miss Steve Gilliard, whose insightful and trenchant analyses of the Iraq war contributed so much to discussion in the blogosphere.

More good?ness here. It's the beginning of the end. And it has all the hallmarks of standing in a tunnel in pitch blackness, listening to the roar of a swiftly approaching train. A massive, speedy train. With absolutely no indication of the direction it's approaching from, or if there is any safety to be found.

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