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Monday, April 03, 2006

This Week With BushCo

Freedom of Speech
Got any? Want some? Yeah, well so does she.

See, in BushCo Reality World, you can only have that freespeech thingy if you're, uh, important. Like him.

Remember when I said, a few months ago, that that roaring sound in our ears was the swirly swirly of toilet flush as BushCo slowly went down, down, down? Here's Brave Karl responding to the prosecutor by singing like a canary, fingering his old pal Scooter and Scooter's boss.

For extensive coverage of the Plame case, be sure to visit Firedoglake.
The two most revolting men on the planet.

The first, of course, has come to be synonymous with a mix of fecal matter and fluid, while the second is pure fecal matter.

Mitt wants to get his mitts on John The Chameleon. Go to it, guys. It couldn't happen to more deserving people.

Shakespeare's Sister sure has a way with pix and captions.
And Rep Maggot spews forth her... hmm ... insight, that's the ticket ... on gay families and adoption.

I am so liking Rep William Lacy Clay, Jr. It's time we called a chickenhawk a chickenhawk.

Next up: some warblogging. What's going on in Iraq is unconscionable. Both the way the troops are being treated, with contaminated water, inadequate body armor, being cheated out of their sign-on bonuses, forced to refund monies if discharged due to disabling injuries or stress, discouraged from seeking treatment, denied benefits, charged for access to communications with their families -- and the way the Iraqis are being slaughtered. Today, NPR informs us that approximately 1,000 Iraqis died over the past month, and during the first three days of April, more American troops died than in the previous month. Meanwhile, the U.S. Army has decided that troops are not permitted to buy their own body armor. Argh.

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