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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Miscellaneous Political Roundup

Oh, joy.

imPEACH may be the flavour of the month.

And despite Chris Matthews' sycophantic paeans to the glimmering, sunny nobility that radiates from the chimp of Smirk, it appears a small, and hopefully increasing, majority of Americans would like nothing better than chimPEACH for the flavour of the month!

Molly Saves The Day Indeed. For women who might want to exercise their choice to not be forced to give birth, here is all the advice you'll ever need and definitely more than I ever wanted to know. Warning to the easily squicked. It sure is squicky.

So when Kerry spoke of Mary Cheney's self-identified sexual orientation, Lynne and DICK couldn't stop frothing at the mouth. But when one of their own hatemongers suggests, among other things, murdering people for their sexual orientation, why that's another kettle of fish, entirely.

Bein' as how that whole Iraq thing is going so well, and all, yaknow, according to Donny Rumsfeld and Georgie and BigDick, I wonder how many interesting and creative ways this admin will find to avoid the draft?

These ReThugnicans will never stop trying to hold on to power, will they? Even after they've proved themselves so corrupt and incapable of working for the common weal.

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