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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Well, this has been a fucked week

Gads, I'm shocked, shocked, I tell you. I could almost clutch my pearls and faint, hearing that the Republican-dominated Congress doesn't want to investigate the White House NSA spying on The People.

I mean, it is really important to find out if anyone's, I dunno, like, paying off their credit card bills, or something.

And as if that wasn't enough shit to swallow, how about dealing with the rape and sodomy fantasies of those idiot creeps in South Dakota?

In case we get link rot from Yahoo, here's the whole story:

PIERRE, S.D. - Gov. Mike Rounds on Monday signed legislation banning almost all abortions in South Dakota.

The Legislature passed the ban late last month, focusing nationwide interest on the state as the governor decided what to do about the measure.

The law, designed to raise a direct challenge to
Roe v. Wade, the 1973
U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, is scheduled to take effect July 1.

Under the law, doctors in South Dakota will face up to five years in prison for performing an abortion except when the procedure is necessary to save the mother's life.

Rounds issued a technical veto of a similar measure two years ago because it would have wiped out all existing restrictions on abortion while the bill was tied up for years in a court challenge.

South Dakota
Planned Parenthood said it planned a quick court challenge.

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