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Sunday, March 12, 2006

It's been a tough week ...

for me as well as Georgie Porgie. The Academy Awards (I don't watch, but they're clearly important in terms of film careers) committee cravenly rewarded Crash instead of Brokeback Mountain, which I thought was an incredibly beautiful, powerful, and life-changing film.

Time Magazine reveals yet another instance of cronyism, corruption, and comatose-at-the-wheel syndrome in this administration. I know I shouldn't be surprised, or perturbed, but it's almost like a PsyOps conspiracy to keep the people in a constant state of fear, anxiety, and a numbing, dumbing rage that drains all the joy from life as it simultaneously poisons all attempts at learning or doing.

The Chief Twit is willing to risk our lives and liberty so as not to offend the Islamic world - apparently, bombing an Islamic nation does not constitue offense. The Spousal Unit just pointed out that the important issue is not to offend wealthy Islamic nationals.

Iraq continues to disintegrate into chaos, madness, and civil war, apparently, according to Rumsfeld, as a result of the mainstream media's failure to report the good news. Yes. The very same Donny Rumsfeld who just made a, haha, killing on his shares in the company that manufactures Tamiflu.

Corruption in Congress, the WH, and the CIA??? ACK!! Who's minding the fucking store?

Mr. Boots_On_The_Ground for the NYT in Iraq calls the mission a failure. Joy.

Meanwhile, in a bizarre display of this administration's posionous and poisoned crew, the man who orchestrated the WH's response to Katrina abruptly resigned his $160K/yr position a month ago, and is now facing charges of theft and fraud.

Tip o'the hat to Shakespeares sister for this photo, which says it all, but if you need further convincing, see what the Daily Kos has to say. If that doesn't make you toss your cookies, you're a better man than I am, Gunga Din.

Who'd'a thunk? Grover Norquist has ethical problems.

There's just no end to it. As soon as you think you've seen all you can possibly be irked by, this Administration and its incompetent cronies find yet another way to chip away at your remaining sanity and peace of mind.

Liddy Dole displays her unashamed racism. Considering the recent Repugnantcan money scandals, you'd think the bastards would be ashamed to make allegations about anyone else's spending habits. But the real gist of this revolting site seems to be that "That Uppity Person Of Hue is Gettin' It On With WHITE wimmin in body paint". Really, that's about all it seems to be saying.


Fortunately, some people have the decency and courage of their convictions to speak out about this reign of fools and madmen.

John Aravosis premieres as Your Host For All Things Politicall. Checkidout. It's cool.

Senator Russ Feingold gives great speech. Moderate, yet earnest. It's the only thing that made this week bearable, so go watch it.

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At 12:02 AM, Blogger lys said...

McCain does the humpty dance with Bush in the same way Greyscale does the humpty dance with our sofa cushions!

Let us not forget the Lieberman-Bush love...


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