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Monday, February 11, 2008

Iraq: "Surge"

Of course, expecting Tony Snow to tell the truth, ever, on any subject for any reason, would have to mark you as a gull of the first order. That man lies every time his lips move. Still, he said something today that caused a major twitch in the PoliticalCat ears: Apparently (according to the lying diseasebag and shill Tony Snow), some 80 per cent of Bush's advisors opposed the surge, that disastrous temporary increase of troops to Baghdad that allowed Iraqi insurgents to migrate smoothly to other cities in Iraq, where they have since fulfilled their mandate of causing extreme trouble.

Snow's mendacity, exceeded only by his extreme stupidity, can best be seen in this statement:
“Everybody was telling him, ‘You’re crazy, don’t do this,’” Snow said. “You get the chills. He’s really unafraid to take the hits if he thinks he’s doing the right thing.”
Tony, you pathetic fucking idiot, what does he have to be afraid of? It's not like anybody's shooting at him, his kids, his family. We here at Casa de Los Gatos are completely and really unafraid to give the Iraqi insurgents the finger! In fact, we so firmly believe that we are doing the right thing that we hereby give the entire Afghani nation the finger.

What are they gonna do about it? Bomb some Canadian troops? Maim some American soldiers? Shoot some German soldiers in the head? Hahahaha! We laugh at their patheticness.

Jeebus fucking J.H. Christ, where do these morons come from? What the hell does Chimperor McDunce have to be afraid of? It's not like anyone's coming to take his meds or his case of Wild Turkey away for exhibiting verbal diarrhoea.

That's why he could say "Bring it on!" to the Iraqi insurgents, and when they did, he just threw 30,000 more bodies into the meatgrinder. Not his body, oh no. Like Darth Cheney, the Idiot Boy has "other priorities."

No, instead he sends his chimpminions to drag this suicidal, homicidal, bipolar, alcoholic soldier out of a hospital bed and return him to the frontlines. And these guys. And these guys.

And it's just so marvelously effective, all this surgeation and redeployment. Why, just look! Look how we're winning, winning, winning.

Meanwhile, because we took our collective eye off the ball in Afghanistan, where Osama bin Laden is hiding, Defense Secretary Robert Gates is now forced to beg NATO nations for more troops for Afghanistan.
This focus, Gates writes in his letter, explains why Washington is now sending 3,200 Marines to Afghanistan -- troops which will join the 26,000 soldiers already stationed in Afghanistan. The Marines, though, will stay for seven months at the most, after which other NATO allies are expected to take up the slack. Where Gates is pointing the finger, though, is clear: at the Germans.
How disingenuous of Gates to fail to mention that the U.S. Marines wanted out of Iraq and into Afghanistan, which is why they're being sent there. And why not? At least Afghanistan is a just war.

However, our NATO allies are having problems with our overly enthusiastic warmongering, it seems. It's not just the $5.2 trillion lost in world stock markets thanks to the U.S. subprime lending woes (Regulation BAD, right Republicans? Here's yer $5.2 TRILLION worth of bad, you dumb pricks) that's bothering them. Der Spiegel says:
Early in the week, the Canadians also ramped up the pressure on Berlin. After losing 78 soldiers in Afghanistan, Ottawa issued a clear threat to its allies at NATO headquarters in Brussels: Either the Europeans send 1,000 combat troops, together with helicopters, to Kandahar, or Canada will completely withdraw its roughly 2,500 soldiers from Afghanistan next year.


Officials at the German defense ministry have called the Gates letter an "outrage." The Americans, they say, are fully aware of the special circumstances -- conditions imposed by the German parliament -- under which German forces currently operate in Afghanistan.
Of course, Gates is trying to disguise the begathon as a "stern warning." Good luck, ya dumb fuck.

Here's what the Germans have to say:
"I have a clear mandate from the German parliament," Defence Minister Franz Josef Jung told reporters Friday. "It consists of 3,500 soldiers serving along the northern border, and only helping out in the south for a limited period of time, as needed."
Meanwhile, the NATO Secretary-General's take on Gates' posturing for the home market is, um, refreshing:
NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer was quick to condemn the letter on Friday. According to Reuters he said it was "not helpful."

He said it was unfair to say Germany was doing too little and he would prefer if discussion on boosting troop numbers in Afghanistan was not done in public.
Of course, Gates' begathon would probably have yielded better results if he hadn't first trashed other NATO commanders' role in Afghanistan. Or shill for an administration that has shown all too clearly that the "war on terrrrra" is really a pretext for a war on American citizens and taxpayers.

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