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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

2008 Elections: Democratic Superdelegates

Wikipedia has the list of the Democratic Superdelegates who will be nominating the Democratic Party's Presidential candidate.

We here at La Casa de Los Gatos are still undecided. We wanted Kucinich but knew it could never be because the corporate shills in the mainstream media joined with the lobbyists and the corporations that own us body and soul to make sure Dennis never had any airtime or serious consideration.

We decided we could settle for John Edwards, but that also was not to be because he spoke out against our corporate masters and they made sure to scuttle his run.

Now we're torn between Obama and Clinton. Neither of them is our candidate of choice. We don't like the worshipful attitude many are exhibiting towards Obama - it smacks too much of a cult of personality. We're not sure we like his policy positions on health care and immigration, but we need to research them more carefully before we decide.

We don't like at all the way the media whores are treating, and have treated, Hillary Clinton. We don't care for the fetid rank stench of misogyny rising from the same pathetic putzes who couldn't fellate t3h Shrub enough during his seven-year misrule. If we were not peaceable humanitarians, we would opt for having you lot whipped naked through the streets, but we can't subscribe to such attitudes without tainting our already-precarious karma.

We also recognize and reiterate that Clinton is smart, tough, capable, and would make an excellent President &mdash even as we repeat that we don't care for the lobbyist cash in her pockets and her advisors, like union-buster Mike Penn.

That said, we urge every single voter, regardless of whom you're voting for, to do everything you can to make sure your candidate has a chance. Vote, organize, teach, preach, get the message out there. A democracy is only as good as its citizens.

And you Democratic voters, call the superdelegates and tell them what you think. Because it's getting down to the wire, and it's not clear that The People's vote will decide the candidate. Let's not get snookered into backroom deals. Enough wit' dat already!

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