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Saturday, April 24, 2010



Yes, spring is finally here (reality check: there will be more rain!), and the flowers are blooming and the trees are rustling and raining down scented flower petals, and the weeds are growing faster than I can keep up, and would you believe all our lazy louts are fast asleep in bed?

Geeze. Good thing we don't pay them a wage for this disgraceful behaviour. Buncha fucking louts.

Given that I've had a shitty time trying to sleep for about a year now because they MUST examine the replaced knee daily, and poke it (with claws), bite it (yes, really), jump on it, and sleep on it, I really ought to shake out the covers and scream at the top of my lungs, "Wakey, wakey, the sun's burnin' yer eyes out, ya great spalpeens!"

Fair's fair, and all that. OTOH, the little bastids will just wait till I pass out from exhaustion tonight before doing the horizontal mamba all over me.

I mean, so far, I've had: hair licked, nose bitten, stomach leapt on, legs scratched (through layers of covers and pjs), ass bitten, face clawed, hands and feet shredded, and eyelids licked. Wool mice stuck in bedroom slippers. Spit-covered foam balls in robe pockets. I'm waiting for the mouse in the backpack. They haven't figured that one out yet. (They did put enormous eucalyptus borer beetles in my gardening boots one year. That was interesting.)

Eh! It's time to rip the weeds up before they turn into a fire hazard, might's well let the li'l guys sleep. Enjoy your caturday, all!

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