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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Politics: Health Care

Yes, the debate goes on, end-fucking-lessly, except we've got Jon Stewart who gets the boot in today and shows those worthless PoS media workers, once known as journalists, now known as asslicking toadies, how to fucking do an interview, yaknow?

Watch and listen well, my children, as Jon skewers Batshit McCaughey, former Lt.-Gov. of the state of New York:

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See? It's that simple. You call them out for their lies. Page FourHundredandTwenty-X saith the lying whore, and Jon made her find the fucking page and read it in front of her and said, "So where exactly does it say what you claim it says, lying sack o'shit?" or words to that effect.

But I paraphrase. Jesus Fucking J.H. Christ on a Fucking Crutch and his Black Fucking Brother Harry, people, when are the lying sacks o'shit in the media going to grow a fucking pair o'nuts, or ovaries, of steel, and ask these questions? Meanwhile the Waaah!Poo, Katie Graham's once-fine paper which now arranges pay-for-play sessions with lobbyists and Congresscritters and publicly fellates the Repuglican Party on a daily basis, is too busy gargling with someone's balls to ask any questions at all.

No link, but we hear that they're citing upChuck Grassley's pointing and sobbing at the so-called "Town Hall protesters," i.e., the astroturfers paid by the health insurance lobby to come scream incoherently at meetings on one of the most serious issues facing the nation. Yes, sirree, Bob. They're actually repeating Grassley's blithering idiocy about how the Left started it by talking about death panels (um, hey, Waaah!Poo, Grassley himself is the person who started these shenanigans by telling his constituents they should worry about Gramma, which you'd know if you'd hire researchers and reporters instead of ballgarglers); and how the astroturfers are the reason we shouldn't have this debate, even though their acts are directly in contradiction of anything approaching the workings of a democracy.

So if you're a constituent of that worthless windbag Grassley, for Chrisake, primary the bastard right out of the Senate, please. Let him go find health care at someone else's expense.

Oh, and here's some truly enjoyable "Jon Stewart pokes fun at yet another worthless windbag" moments:

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Eternally memorable line: "The hole that they stitched up in Glenn Beck's ass hasn't healed enough for him to stop talking out of it."

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