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Monday, August 03, 2009

Entertainment: ZOMFG

Uh ... not sure if this is funny or simply insane. Think of it as an exercise in surrealism. Surrealism as humour. Humour as surrealism. Republicans are teh crazy and they ain't gettin' no better:

So. Is this Bizarroworld Crayzee, or what?

This is the Kitty Pilgrim interview to which O Rly? Taintz refers:

This is the birth certificate that O Rly? Taintz claims is President Obama's "Kenyan birth certificate."

Over at Politijab, some enterprising soul has made an absolutely viral-worthy analysis of said BC.

Kos himself has pointed out some of the major glaring, um, inconsistencies in the document Taintz claims to be President Obama's REAL birth certificate.

The news media has not been far behind in pointing out the obvious forgery, either.

Meanwhile, some enterprising soul has filed a complaint with the State Bar of California (the only state in which Taintz, who received her "law degree" from a mail-order diploma mill, is licensed to practice) against Dr. Atty. Mrs. Taekwondo Black Belt Realtor O Rly Taintz.

They don't come any nuttier than this broad. Does anyone agree with me that this just might be Sascha Baron Cohen in drag working on his next film? I mean, the blonde wig, the huge fake eyelashes, the drugged-looking eyes ...


Yaknow, things are really bad when KKKarl Rove, the "Unseen Hand" behind some of the dirtiest dirty tricks in the Rethuglican Playbook, thinks you're nuckin' futz.

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At 7:09 AM, Blogger themom said...

IF "Orly" the nutjob decides to pursue this again through the courts...I honestly believe charges are warranted against her for FRAUD!

She has proven she is not the brightest bulb on the tree...Keys is a miserable excuse for a human...what is next?

I have my birth certificate from WV and there is no doctor or hospital on it, no time of birth. Just parents name and date of birth. This is how most state certificates are issued.

To get ALL the info these people desire, they need to go to the state archives and research BIRTH RECORDS! (not Birth certificates.) There is a huge difference.

At 1:36 PM, Blogger BadTux said...

Even my "long form" from the state of Louisiana does not have a time of birth or doctor's name or doctor's signature on it, just the name of the hospital. And yes, it says "Certificate of Live Birth" on it at the top, just as it said in 1961 when the certificate was issued.

Really, all you can do is point and laugh, or make up your own funny "birth certificates" for Obama, like the one I made up where Obama is a coonass from Louisiana and thus, since born in a foreign country to foreign parents, not eligible to be President (hey, it makes as much sense as Orly's nattering!), or the Nevada one that some guy over at LGF made up where Obama was born in the Biolab-Hatchery at Area 51 to Tau Cetan parents (explains why he's that that cool-ass brotha-from-anotha-planet aura around him, I guess!). These guys are f*cking nuts. If it wasn't for their goal -- the overthrow of a democratically-elected President -- they wouldn't even be worth pointing-and-laughing at. As it is, their hatred of democracy and desire to overthrow a democratic election makes them a danger to American democracy and thus a bit more serious matter than just pointing and laughing...

- Badtux the Born Penguin

At 10:39 AM, Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

Hey, themom, the videos are evidence that these "people" are insane, stupid, AND motivated by rather obvious racism. At this point, the beauteous Orly is secreted (in every sense of the word) in Tel Aviv. One can't help but wonder why, since barely a week ago she was criss-crossing the U.S., showing up at every gun meet and nutjob rally to push her "cause."

Hey, Badtux, I demand to see ALL your school records too, otherwise how can you PROVE you were BORN?

Heh. The idiots demanding the release of President Obama's records have no idea how such a precedent could be used against THEM. Galactic mass of teh Stupid.

At 11:03 AM, Blogger BadTux said...

Why David Schuster responded so vehemently to being called a "brownshirt": Both he and his wife are JEWISH and had relatives who died in the Holocaust. Being compared to the murderers who killed family relatives is naturally deeply offensive to him.

- Badtux the Fact-finding Penguin


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