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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Entertainment: Too Funny!

Supreme Aiyah!toldjah Mir-Hosain "Pete" Hoekstra demonstrating the size of his peener

If you haven't already laughed your ass off over it, Michigan Rep Pete Hoekstra (pronounced Hoax-straw) basically stuck his head up his own ass by Tweeting the following:
Iranian twitter activity similar to what we did in House last year when Republicans were shut down in the House.
Leading to much merriment on teh 'Net over the past few days, large-scale "laugh till you piss your pants" behaviour (bet it goes global), and the birth of a brand-new and already highly popular WEB SITE (imagine that!) dedicated to further laugh-your-ass-offery right here.

Also an addition to the English language: Supreme Aiyah!toldjah Mir-Hosain "Pete" Hoekstra now enjoys the distinction of having been verbized, as in:
To Hoekstra is to whine using grandiose exaggerations and comparisons.

LOLcat responds to Hoekstra

Reminds me of Santorum (another Republican FAILbag). Republicans, don't ever change. You guys are fucking comedy gold, man, we'll be pissing ourselves laughing for a decade or more as you Macaca your way into oblivion.

Meantime, feel free to submit your latest hoekstra here. Alternatively, feel free to tweet Hoekstra with your hoekstra, or otherwise mortify the idiot. He's running for governor of Michigan? Sweet fucking Christ!

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