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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Civil Rights: Tasers and Police Brutality

If you haven't watched this video yet via YouTube, pour yourself a drink first:

Then sit back and watch this 400-lb hog of a cop "subdue" a 72-year-old grandma who stands all of 4 feet 11 inches — with a Taser. Travis County, Texas must be some prime idiot-raising country, if a Sheriff's Deputy has to taser a little old lady for speeding. I never heard such rubbish in my life. And that mush-mouthed asshole defending the lardass is his boss, who thinks the scumbucket did nothing wrong.

Excuse me? If that was my grandmother y'all would be paying the entire fucking budget for the next ten years in damages, you assholes. Look at it. Watch the cobag shove her around, scream in her face, threaten her, intimidate her, and then run electric shocks through her body.

Hey, assholes, guess what. My mom stood 4 foot 11. When she attacked me, I picked her up and G-E-N-T-L-Y deposited her in a chair and told her I wouldn't listen to her till she calmed down. And I'm not a trained police officer.

Maybe Officer Bigass needs to find a job babysitting or something if Granny can scare him so much he has to "protect" himself with a deadly weapon. On second thoughts, forget it. He'd be in jail for tasering the first infant to pee on him.

Pity Granny didn't manage to knock his nuts off:


Guess she'd have to find them first.

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