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Saturday, September 13, 2008


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Kinda late for a Caturday post. But (cue George Thorogood whiney voice) I'm tired!. Those pain meds. Someone could cut my head off right now and I probly wouldn't notice.

But back to cats, which is the real reason this blog exists (well, OK, a few other things, too).

Today's cat stories to warm the cockles of your crabby, withered, ancient (but still eons kinder and more generous than Dick "My parents named me well" Cheney's) heart include:

  • Dixie, a cat who disappeared, was rumoured to have been killed in an accident, and was found (thank microchip technology) and returned to her hoominz NINE YEARS later, on 9/11. Her hoominz say she's still the same sweet kitty that they've known and loved.

  • Karen Milstein, who fostered four little kittens and found them good homes (so she thought) and had to figure out what to do when the family that adopted two of the kittens decided to dump them at the local shelter. Outcome: she brought the kitties home and nursed one back to health, and they now live with her and a third sibling. Happy ending for all. May the wretches who adopted, then dumped, the pair reincarnate for 17 lifetimes as cockroaches which form the main part of some kitties' diet. May they also suffer suppurating hemorrhoids until reincarnation releases them.

  • World Animal Week is coming up (September 28th to October 5th), and in Ireland, at least, pet food manufacturers are celebrating by donating food to the SPCA shelters. How do YOU plan to celebrate?

  • Firefighter Al Machado performed mouth-to-meow resuscitation on an unresponsive tiger angora kitty rescued from a building torched by an arsonist, saving its life. Blessed be, Al, may you only and always receive the best the world has to give.
And now it's back to bed for the drugged.

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