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Sunday, September 21, 2008

2008 Elections: Calling A Lie A Lie

Where have all the student protesters gone? Well, some of them are alive and kicking ass out at the University of Iowa, apparently.

Take a look at the article, and if you support their actions, consider writing to the following pillars of the mass media. FTA:
Note from Stephen Fox: I think these students (Megan Felt, Hannah Rounds, Laura Kacere, Marni Steadham, Robin Berman, Dan Rathjen, David Goodner, Justin Feinstein, Brooke Bachelder, Lara Elborno, Naomi Prager, and Anthony Carter) deserve our commendation for their Gandhian courage and their intelligence to do what they did.

This could be in the form of letters to the editor of

1. Daily Iowan, the University Paper (

2. Iowa City Press Citizen (

3. Des Moines Register (

4. Cedar Rapids Gazette (

plus five more listed here. (this is a "Live Blue" list of Newspapers in Iowa)
Thank you, students! May many more join your ranks and call these vile liars out at every opportunity.

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