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Sunday, September 14, 2008

2008 Elections: Women and Palin/McCain

Do you have a mother? A sister? A daughter? A lover or girlfriend or fiance of the female persuasion? Any female relative or friend that you care about?

Because if you do, you'll want to know the following about Sarah Palin and John McCain:

The idea that a rape victim should have to pay for forensic testing in uncovering a crime against public order is simply outrageous. Do we bill the estates of homicide victims for the forensic testing done? Do we bill victims of assault and battery or white collar crimes for the work done to uncover such crimes? We do not. What makes rape victims more appropriate targets for such revictimization?

Until Palin became the mayor of Wasilla, the Alaskan authorities paid for rape testing forensic kits. Only after she became mayor did the police begin charging victims.

Bonus fact: Sarah Palin charged the government the per diem cost they were required to pay her when she was traveling on the government's business — for staying home. That's called fraud, or theft, and if you pull that crap on your corporate employers, not only will they fire you but they will recover that money, whether by withholding from your wages or suing you as needed.

Her husband and children also charged for their travels — from their home in Wasilla to Juneau, where the governor worked. Total amount charged by family? Approximately $44,000.00. Add to that the approximately $17,000.00 charged by Palin, for a total of roughly $50,000.00.

For someone who earns a salary of $125K per year, owns five properties, and has a husband who makes a pretty decent wage himself, it seems Mrs. Palin could have kept her grubby hands out of the state's moneypots. It's not like she needed the money so badly, after all. Perhaps all those hair dye jobs and many pairs of rimless glasses (at $375 or more a pop) are burning a hole in her bank account.

And, after all, her per diem charges alone would have covered the cost of all the rape kits used during her stint as mayor.

No wonder McCain loves her. Neither one of them has a feminist molecule in their bodies.

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