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Saturday, August 02, 2008


Wet cat courtesy of ICHC

Nice to see somebody cares.
Just a couple of days ago, a blind puppy and her two siblings were found unconscious outside a home in Bellevue. The pets were exhausted from the 98-degree heat. The woman who owns the five dogs is facing felony charges.

Animal Control said it's not just about animals being left outside in the heat, but they're getting calls everyday about pets being left in hot cars.

"That could be a felony aggravated animal cruelty charge," said Biggs.
You can, apparently, do jail time on some animal cruelty charges. What surprised La Casa de Los Gatos was how ... low the crucial temperature apparently is. We've had 100F+ weather here for several months now, and it never occurred to us that the beastlies might be suffering from it. Well, they did get awfully long and flat and chose the cool marble tile to lie on, instead of the warm bedclothes, but still. We do keep them supplied with plenty of fresh drinking water, regular brushings (to remove accumulated dead hair), clippings of excess fur, the occasional icepack and a periodic light spray from the garden hose, or damp towels on their warm little heads. Poor fings.

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