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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Politics: Things YOU Can Do

To make the media a better place.

Color Of Change, a group that is working to make the media more responsive to the concerns of Black America, is sending a petition to Roger Ailes (not the good one) to make Faux News something better than the completely racist shill and irritainment center that it is. Feel free to add your name to the petition.

Remember: first we ask nicely. Later, it's torches and pitchforks.

And, while you're about it you might consider dropping CBS a line about their recent cut-and-paste job to cover up McAncient's "gaffe" or "mistake" (or LIE?) about the surge. They're distorting the news to give a senile fool cover that might result in his having control over our country for a third Bush term. Let's do our bit to ensure that doesn't happen.

HuffPo commenter jmols1031 says:

Please go to the very bottom and choose "Contact us." Then choose "Couric." Leave a comment there. I would recommend contacting the other MSM organizations and let them know what we expect from them.
Commenter ThunderclapNewman shares a phone number:

Takes you right to the news room.
Let them hear from you!

Update: ThinkProgress tells us that rap star Nas will be delivering the petition tomorrow. Some 600,000 have signed it. Check out the video clip at the link!

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