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Monday, June 16, 2008

B.A.D. Stroll Through The Blogroll

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We haven't been as diligent lately about promoting our blogbuddies, apologies to all. Between parental illnesses, one's own illnesses, work on several projects, and the like, time's been in short supply. We like to read blog posts before linking to them, and that's a time commitment. So, on to the blogroll, friends, and devil take the hindmost:

  • First up, our good buddy Rocky over at Alien Trucker remembers Katrina in the light of the flooding in the Midwest. Mercy. Rocky will be on hiatus briefly as he undergoes surgery for the spinal injury that disabled him. Show your love to our fellow-gimp by returning to his blog periodically to check that he's back in action. Go to his home page to check out his music selections.

  • Seth, over at B12 Solipsism, has a show and tell on sidewalks. Learn something every day! Note, if you have B12 bookmarked, that he's moved his blog, so please rebookmark him. Seth also has some excellent music information, checkidout on his home page.

  • Fearguth keeps the visual snark coming over at Bildungblog. Affectionately known as "Teh Art of Teh Caption," by us.

  • One of our favourite bloggers, Chuck Butcher over at Chuck for ... has two posts that we like and recommend: One on Gitmo and one on Fighting Dems. Go, Chuck!

  • DeRosaWorld serves up teh snark. Check out the clown face in that shot. No, we didn't spot it at first.

  • We're happy to see our blogbuddy, Stephen Herron, back in form over at Drinking Liberally in New Milford, as he proves with this post on blogger arrests. If you don't know Stephen, he's one of our brave men and women in uniform who served his country well and lost his home to the subprime mortgage crisis engineered by the Coward and Liar-in-Chief and his service-avoidin' buddies. Happily, Stephen can turn the sourest lemon into good lemonade: he found another place in New Milford. Buy the man a beer, someone!

  • belledame of Fetch Me My Axe takes it to the men who find themselves obliged to tell women how they feel. About rape.

  • Heywood, over at Hammer of the Blogs, applies the hammer to Fredo.

  • We confess to an exceeding weakness for Henry, of Henry's Travels. These posts had us roaring with uncouth laughter.

  • Dammit! Sungold over on Kittywampus reminds us that we missed Female Desire Week. Mmmm, them desirable females! Take a look at what they desire back.

  • Brad Jacobsen at MediaBloodhound points out the recent failings of our mainstream media in a heh, biting, post.

  • Another blogging buddy, Pygalgia, is having internet connectivity problems, as in, problems getting the wherewithal to afford the internet connection. So please, to keep the Friday boobie thing going, if nothing else, drop by and express a little support, eh?

  • Kenyan feminist Rebecca blogs over at School For The Girls about her recent visit to a mental hospital. She's a courageous little trooper. Go by and see what she's doing to make the lives of Kenyan women better.
That's today's roundup, folks! We'll try to do a couple more this week to make up for our sad neglect of our blogging comrades. We note that a great many of them seem to be on hiatus for various reasons. If they do not return, we'll take them off our blogroll, but for now we continue to hope. Only by making a community of all our voices can we find the wisdom of the commons and share learning. This is a tool that benefits all who use it whether they come to sip a little or stay to share the feast.

La Casa de Los Gatos thanks you for your attention, and hopes you will return often!

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At 12:00 AM, Blogger Chuck Butcher said...

Hey Kitty,
Thanks for the links and especially the superlatives in the comments - wow.

You're doing some serious ass kickin' of your own, keep on keepin on...


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