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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Misogyny: Sometimes, Those Goddamned Women

are just bitches, you know, and it's OK to call them that.

All those Hillary Clinton supporters who are planning to vote for McCain now that Obama has made it mathematically impossible for Clinton to win the nomination? Hope you don't mind that your new candidate and his spokesweasels believe in calling a bitch a bitch. Because GOP consultant Alex Castellanos believes in calling women exactly what they are (in his puny little single-brain-celled mind).

When will you people learn that, to Republicans, it is an acceptable part of the national discourse to denigrate women like this? To date, no declared Democrat has ever thought of referring to women as "bitches." For all its sexism, the Democratic Party has lots of women in its ranks, many of them at the very top.

How many high-ranking women in the Republic Party?

If you think Mr. Castellanos is unacceptly derogatory towards women, please let CNN know that you don't appreciate his sexism. Let him go flap his gums on GOP-supported fora. We don't need him on the public, taxpayer-supported airwaves.

What a schmuck.

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