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Friday, April 04, 2008

Afghanistan: I'll Gladly Pay You Tuesday

for a hamburger today, says Chimpy McStupidFuckwit to NATO regarding troop commitments in Afghanistan.

That is, the Guardian is reporting that the Idiot-in-Chief is promising to send additional troops to Afghanistan after he is out of office. Has anyone told him yet that he can only be deciderering if he's actually got the job title of deciderer?

George Bush today promised to send more troops to Afghanistan after his departure from the White House next year, whatever the status of troop withdrawals from Iraq.

The pledge, delivered at a Nato summit in Bucharest, would add a "significant" number of troops in Afghanistan in 2009, the Pentagon chief, Robert Gates, told reporters.
Now, Gates can be excused for saying what he's saying. After all, his job is to try and make his idiot boss look like a reasonable facsimile of a sentient creature. But Stupie von AWOL? Deities alone know what &mdash make that if &mdash he's thinking.

Doesn't he have handlers who tell him what to say and watch out that he doesn't fuck up too badly? This is pathetic, we're letting him run loose around the world embarrassing and humiliating the whole fucking nation, fer crisake.

Yes, yes, we realize that he has to perform some ungodly contortions in order to get NATO members to commit to additional troops for Afghanistan. But he wouldn't have to contort so mockably if he'd watched his fucking attitude eight years ago and behaved like a dignified and rational human being. Oh, right. He's not, actually.

In case you were wondering: Sarko has agreed to send between 800 and 1,000 French troops, apparently because Canada is otherwise threatening to pull out its troops. Australia, meanwhile, is planning to pull its troops out of Iraq this year.

Some coalition, huh?

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