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Monday, March 31, 2008

Politics: One More Down

Those rats who haven't already abandoned the sinking FAILBOAT known as the Dick 'n Bush Misadministration, are being picked off one by one as their crimes catch up with them.

Latest to resign, according to Bloomberg, is none other than HUD Secretary Alphonso "Golfing Buddies Get First Dibs" Jackson.

If you're thinking to yourself, "Hmm, that name sounds familiar," it's probably because of Jackson's purported refusal to award HUD contracts to anyone who criticizes the Idiot-in-Chief. Last time we checked, HUD was financed by taxpayer money, not Shrubya's personal fortune. As such, party affiliation and loyalty to Der Chimpenfuehrer should not count at all in how HUD money is disbursed. But that was before the rise of the fascist state that puts party loyalty and personal loyalty above merit.

Which is why the inmates are now running the asylum and everything that can possibly be broken, is.

Jackson's other claims to fame:
  • Refusal to correct reported corruption and mismanagement and retaliatory "reassignment" of whistleblowers;

  • Spending $100,000 to have formal portraits of HUD chiefs painted &mdash at a time when the housing market is spiraling into the depths and people are losing their homes every day;

  • Slow and inadequate response to rebuilding public housing in New Orleans, resulting in four-fifths of public housing occupants not being permitted to occupy their former housing, even when it is in good shape;

  • Claiming he lied when he made that statement about only awarding contracts to those who showed sufficient loyalty to Der Leader;

  • Being proved to have &mdash unfortunately &mdash told the truth, in that investigators noticed only contractors who donated heavily to the Republican party or were personal friends got huge amounts of public money in the form of contracts awarded.
In case you're wondering, Jackson got his job as head of HUD because he used to be George W. Bush's buddy back in Dallas.

Is there a single member of this pathetic misadministration who was chosen solely for their competence and qualifications?

Today, Jackson announced that he, like Karen Hughes, Karl Rove, Harriet Miers, Alberto Gonezales, John Ashcroft, and the other hundred or so miscreants hired by this repulsive gang of crooks and thugs, is leaving to spend more time annoying his family. To the Jackson family, we say: His resignation isn't effective for another two weeks. There is time! Save yourselves! Fly, you fools.

To the rest of America, we say: See this fat, smug, repulsive visage?

Remember it well. Do not let this man within a hundred miles of any job involving your tax dollars. Wealthy golfers don't need your charity. Especially not where our money is involved.

Jeez, you just can't make up this stuff.

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At 11:13 AM, Blogger Bustednuckles said...

Good fucking riddance and I sincerely hope a giant pack of hungry prosecuter's dog him until he is in jail.


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