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Monday, March 31, 2008


Blogging has been sparse at best over the past week.

Medication adjustment. It's not easy. However, we believe we are now tolerating whatever nasty chemicals we're ingesting (yes, we did our research, and our criteria for ingestment, being as our need for this type of medication was brought home, heh, painfully, was that side effects not include death, limb atrophy, or more than 16 hours unconsciousness out of 24; and yes, we're well aware that the correct form is "ingestion," but we ment every word we postfixed thusly).

One unmentioned side effect (apart from near-terminal sleepiness) appeared to be an aversion to the written word. Unable to read, write, or otherwise communicate with the outside world, and suffering mild aphasia to boot, we spent our time cooking, eating, and watching bad movies. Reviews to follow.

Let's hope this adjustment is successful. We really have no desire to try out anything new in the pharmacological inventory.

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At 6:34 PM, Blogger Christy said...

whoa politicalcat, we hopes the meds get themselves's been two no three days since your last post!! this cannot be (no pressure, but srsly this cannot be!).


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