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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

2008 Elections: What Is So Objectionable About This?

Here is a clip of the Reverend Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, opening a two-day symposium on the Black Church with a speech at the Press Club. Please listen to it and tell us, if you can, exactly what the good Reverend is saying that is objectionable.

It does not seem as if Reverend Wright went out of his way to seek publicity &mdash at least so far, based on this video clip. It seems as if he was merely opening a symposium previously scheduled. We are researching the issue because the mainstream media has, for the past decade or more, played a very sinister role in this nation's politics.

In an attempt to herd us, like sheep, in one direction or another, they control what we see and hear of the people among whom we must choose a leader for our nation. While that may have been acceptable for a decade, this country is now in a terrible place. We no longer have the luxury of being sheeple.

For the first time in our history, the economy is broken. Our children are fairly well guaranteed a lower standard of living than ourselves. Our healthcare is broken. We have no recourse for the sick, the disabled, the dying. Our nation is at war, on two fronts, and if the monsters that hold the reins have their way, there will be a third front soon.

If you value your country, forget about lapel pins, polarizations, and distractions. It's time to choose carefully. We cannot allow another warmonger near the reins of power. While John McCain offers 100 more years of war in Iraq, and says nothing about Afghanistan or Iran, and refuses to negotiate with other nations, my friends; while Hillary Clinton promises the deaths of 70 million people who have done us no harm &mdash we are faced with only one choice.

Choose wisely, my friends. Unless you want your children and grandchildren stuck in the morass of another endless war, or facing hunger, joblessness, and no prospects.

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