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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

B.A.D. Blogroll Stroll And Featured Bloggers

Graphics credits Skippy, concept credit Jon Swift and Skippy

Hello, Blogtopia (y,Sctp)!

As La Casa de Los Gatos labours to catch up with those eminent giants, Jon Swift and Skippy, in finally blogrolling all the celebrants of B.A.D., we come across new and exciting blogs everyday. Here's our featured list for the day:
  • Sweaterman, at Pygalgia, has some important news about banks &mdash go read it;
  • Dave, at The Galloping Beaver, has an earful for the proponents of a bill in Canada that could be described as creeping womb-control, at best;
  • Cangrejero, over at The Midpoint, finds, and suitably flays, the prat who decided to prove something stupid involving refuting Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel and Dimed. We have our own problems with Ehrenreich aspiring to voice the issues of the working class, but she's still light-years ahead of this schmuck, as Cangrejero shows;
  • At Wetmachine, John talks about the FCC and Net Neutrality, while Harold discusses the role of the InnerTubes (thanks, Senator Ted "Corruption is my Middle Name" Stevens!) in political campaigns today;
  • Israel, over at Woodshed Environment, talks about the life of an EHO doing vector control in the British Virgin Isles &mdash fascinating, if you're into human health issues, especially as they relate to the environment. His blog is available en Francais if you click the button on the right;
  • Over on World o'Crap, Scott urges you to Smell The Man Musk, complete with photographic evidence, and if this doesn't make you laugh, as we've said before, you're dead and don't know it yet, so please call an ambulance (don't try to drive)!
This has been your roundup of Blogtopia. La Casa de Los Gatos thanks you for your attention.

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