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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Caturday! A good day to lie down in a warm spot ...

Here are Cosmo and Boomer back to their old selves of snuggling together in peace and warmth. Not a minor blessing in this world of ours.

Cosmo continues to heal nicely and is gaining weight. He is so enjoying being out and about now in the house. And Boomer gets to suck on his flank again, so he's in a good mood too.

Yes, these kittens (!) from day one had this behavior: Boomer sucked Cosmo's flank ... actually the fur ... with great gusto, mind, and Cosmo simultaneously chews on the tip of Boomer's tail ... with equal gusto. At some point it gets too intense for one of them and that one jumps down and walks away. My only criticism of the whole thing is that it is sooooo distracting when I'm trying to read and there they both are right next to me on the couch. Because when I say "gusto" it means the accompaniment of loud noises. I once had a roommate in college. We had bunk beds. And she and her boyfriend would fuck in the bunk bed below mine - while I was up top. Cosmo and Boomer are a little bit like that.

Okay, okay "Overshare!" ...


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