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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

2008 Elections: Problems in Florida

Hmmm ... where have we heard this before?

Raw Story tells us that Florida voters are reporting technical glitches with their voting machines.

So far, says Rep. Robert Wexler, the problem seems to be minor, but since Florida gave us Chimpy McDrunktard for the past seven years, and his host of major problems, you will, I am sure, excuse any Political Cats out there for being sheerly nervous. If any of the losers ("Hundred Years' War" McCain, "Flipflopping Android" Romney, "911!911!" 9iu11ani, Mike "Squirrel-Breath" Hickabee) from the Republican side of the fence takes the White House this time, we fear America, as a country, will be no more.

The article quotes a voter:
"There has been a major failure of the voting, at least at this precinct. ... None of the machines worked," Rabbi Richard Yellin, who was first in line at his polling place in Boynton Beach, told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Yellin said he had to leave the precinct to attend a service at his synagogue and planned to return later in the day.
Not good.

Welp. Update: A Florida channel is saying that problems have been reported throughout the state. It appears that there is also a record turnout.
More than a million voters have already cast ballots.

While everyone can vote on the amendment, only registered Democrats and Republicans can vote in the primary. Polls show GOP rivals John McCain and Mitt Romney are in a dead heat for the lead.

And though the Democratic vote isn't offering any delegates to the national convention, many are still casting a vote of support.
In other truly depressing news, one of our favouritest ever politicians, Rep. Maxine Waters, is endorsing ... Hillary Clinton.

We do understand that Rep. Waters has worked closely with Senator Clinton; but we believe Rep. Waters underestimates the voters' desire for a change. Senator Clinton, despite her lengthy record of public service (yes, she does have one; she's been a very effective voice on policy issues, especially children's rights and women's issues), is really more of the same. More of Bill Clinton the centrist triangulator. More of the tendency for political dynasties (Bush-Clinton-Bush-Not Again). More of the Washington insider who has worked the halls of power for years.

No more, Rep. Waters, please. People are joking, but in the grimmest way, when they speculate on the policy plans of Presidents Jenna Bush and Chelsea Clinton in the coming decades. We don't need, or want, a ruling dynasty. We are 100 per cent committed to John Edwards in lieu of Dennis Kucinich, who was our first choice. And if John Edwards doesn't win the Presidency, then we could see ourselves committing to Barack Obama. But not Hillary Clinton. She's a corporatist, not a progressive. The country needs a president who can unite the people in a common cause. Mrs. Clinton may be greatly preferable to Chimpy McDrunktard and the rightwing thugs aiming at the presidency, but we need Edwards or Obama, we need real, progressive change.

Just so you shouldn't leave all depressed and what, Rep. Barbara Lee supports Obama! And ThePoliticalCat sincerely believes that the polls showing Clinton running ahead of Obama in California are about to be bogosified again.*

*Bogosified: Shown to be incorrect when push cometh to shove.

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