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Monday, December 24, 2007


Your Xmas gift, from Bloomberg: The Chimp-in-Chief plans to spend most of next year schlepping around the world
to rebuild the U.S.'s international standing and create a foreign-policy legacy beyond Iraq.
Did that make you LOL? Huh? Did it?

Just asking. Because you know, we thought it was LOL funny. He's going to SCHWHAAAAT? Does the idiot have any idea how thoroughly unpopular he is? Wait, let's see, where does he plan to go? I mean, the British don't like him much because he dragged them into an unpopular war, saddled them with the lying lapdog Tony Blair, and showed an unforgivable lack of protocol when dealing with the Queen's state visit; the French don't like him much because he and his cohorts bruited about all that anti-French sentiment at the start of the war of occupation in Iraq; the Germans don't like him much because of the completely uncivilized, stupid, ignorant, idiotic behaviour he's displayed both towards Merkel and towards any global initiative, whether it be on warming, war, or trade; and pretty much everyone except maybe the Poles think he sucks ass.

On his last visit to India, the parliamentary representatives of the people threatened to pelt him, so he couldn't speak before them; they tried to let him speak at the Lal Qilla (Red Fort) but that heavily Muslim area was deemed too great a security risk; and he ended up lecturing before the animals in the zoo at the Purana Qilla (Old Fort).

He's not too popular with the Chinese, based on his manhandling of China's prime minister and his attempts to force reevaluation of Chinese currency after borrowing huge gobs of money from them to finance his pet war project.

So where is he going? According to Bloomberg,
The president plans trips to the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America,
Gee, at last count we don't recall him being popular at all in Africa, the Middle East, or South America, either.

Maybe he can get Daddy to go with him and keep the bottle away.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, the idea of the Chimperor doing any fence-mending this late in the game, when he's single-handedly succeeded in making this nation almost universally hated and despised just kills us.

We remember 9/12, when millions of people all over the world demonstrated their solidarity with us, mourning our dead and sending love and good wishes to this nation. Six short years later, that's all gone to hell:
`"Bush also has problems at home, but he has even bigger problems with the rest of the world," said Andy Kohut, president the Pew Research Center in Washington.


A Pew study of public opinion in 47 nations found ``extensive'' anti-Americanism and ``increasing disapproval'' of the cornerstones of U.S. foreign policy.

A perception that Washington acts unilaterally was shared by 89 percent of the French, 83 percent of Canadians and 74 percent of Britons. America's image in most Muslim nations is ``abysmal,'' Pew said.
You know, if Shrubya the Lesser was a modest, humble sort of feller, he could pull it off. But he's pissy, arrogant, snippy, rude, immodest, uncultured, an absolute boor. He has no cultural sensitivity whatsoever. Chances are, he'll rub some stateman's bald head, or give a shoulder massage to some head of state, or spit breadcrumbs all over some diplomat or politician, as he's done before, and piss off both friends and enemies even more. The dumb schmuck.

This has been your Xmas HO HO HO.

Let's hope no one arrests the idiot on war crimes charges.

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