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Friday, November 02, 2007

Religion: It Makes You

Dress up like a hooker for Halloween, ABC tells us.

C'mon, do I look like a perv to you?

Or something. This story might belong in Republican whack-a-mole, except we don't know the guy's politics. We will not be surprised in the least if he turns out to be a card-carrying member of the Republic party.

The charming lad pictured above is one Paul A. Schum, principal of Bethlehem (a Catholic high school), recently arrested for loitering in Louisville. Mr. Schum might not have come to the attention of the authorities in Louisville if not for an unfortunate incident which resulted in the following description of his attire:
"He was wearing an all-black, leather, woman's outfit, fishnet stockings and women's black plastic breasts," Russell said, describing the part of town where Schum was found as "a problem area" for prostitution and drugs.
Mr. Schum was, apparently, sitting in his car in full regalia. Now, as far as I know, cross-dressing isn't a crime, even in Louisville. But the cops busted him for "loitering" because he offered "inconsistent explanations" for his presence and appearance.

Most cops don't have a problem with arresting your average poor person, like, oh, crackheads, street hookers, and Persons Of Hue. But, as a rule, they stay away from the rich and powerful. The principal of the local Catholic high school is likely to get a warning instead of an arrest unless he's actually caught in the act of buggering a sheep. So I figure the only reason they didn't let him off is, he was dressed in a manner, or acted in a manner, that indicated something more serious going on.

To all the apologists who say, Hey, it was Halloween, he should be able to dress as he likes. Yes, he should. In our book and yours. But he's a member of a Church that frowns mightily on Teh Gay (even as it covers up for pedophiles to the tune of millions of dollars in collection-plate offerings from the faithful). It is not we who will pillory him for his questionable activities. It is his own church and community. And given how the church has treated LGBTQ folks, we insist on treating this as high entertainment.

Praise Be to Sister Nancy Beth Eczema for her acuity and acumen in turning us on to this amusing spectacle.

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