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Friday, November 02, 2007

Human Rights: Transgender Issues

We haven't been covering queer folk and their issues as much as we could, but between the hypocritical godbags and family-values closet cases and the illegal occupation of Iraq and the war in Afghanistan, we've been stretched mighty thin.

However, today we stumbled on the story of Rose, above. Lovely Rose (isn't she gorgeous?) was born male but identifies as female, and her wishes will soon come true when she has her gender reassignment completed in Thailand.

Rose lives in India, and, according to the Times,
will anchor a Saturday evening talk show addressing sexual and other traditionally taboo issues on Star Vijay, a popular Tamil television channel.
As Rose points out, there is a transsexual community in India, however, it has traditionally been marginalized though (fortunately) not mistreated.

Best of luck, Rose. Hopefully, you'll be as successful with your television show as the lovely and talented Begum Nawazish Ali.


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