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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Politics: Another One Bites The Dust

Repulsive ghoul and professional Halloween mask Tom Tancredo has announced that he is retiring from Congress and will not run for a sixth term. Tancredo, who is reputed to be in the Presidential race, has been notable to date for his spittle-flecked mouth-frothing rants against persons of the browner persuasion, slightly disguised as "illegal immigrants."

The Rocky Mountain News, which doesn't agree with me on the illegal immigrant issue, nevertheless superlatively highlights what would make Trollcredo such a bad choice in national politics:
We'll wish Tancredo well when he closes out his congressional career, but we can't pretend we'll be terribly sorry to see him move on. His statements in the past two years - reiterated just three months ago - advocating the razing of Muslim holy sites in retaliation for a terrorist attack involving a nuclear device represent one of the more outrageous positions in living memory offered by an American politician. Tancredo would punish all Muslims for the crimes of a specific Muslim group, in an act of state terrorism perhaps without precedent in modern history.

He's also taken reckless positions on China (proposing the U.S. scrap its One China policy) and is increasingly skeptical of the benefits of free trade. His economic nationalism on trade reflects a growing trend, but that means it poses a greater danger to American prosperity than such views have for decades.
Trollcredo plans to spend more time annoying his family, I believe, for which the voting populace should be truly grateful.

In other news, it is believed that the nasty old codger doesn't have a prayer of winning the presidency.

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