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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

News: Lost Pants, Lost Job

Even ThePoliticalCat has to talk about something other than politics, once in a while. And we're sure you, like the editorial we over here, have been following (even if only half-brainedly) the stirring saga of one Administrative Law Judge Roy L. Pearson, also known as The Man Without The Pants. Mr. Pearson took it upon himself to sue a family-run dry-cleaning business for losing a pair of his pants. For $54 million dollars. Musta been some fancy pants.

Well, karma bit the good Mr. P right hard in the ass today - the WaPoo reports that he just lost his job, and was ordered to vacate his office. We're broken-hearted. Okay, we're not, and we'll bet you aren't either.

Apart from the sheer outrageousness of the lawsuit and the ridiculous amount of damages, the vindictiveness with which the claim was pursued was mildly alarming, to say the least. Especially after the defendants in the case offered a cash reimbursement that we (and, we're sure, you) thought was quite reasonable - $1,200.00.

Pants aside, it appears that Pearson is a litigious individual. Just as well that he no longer has the power to decide administrative issues for Washington. Although it wouldn't surprise us in the least to hear that he plans to sue the Commission on Selection and Tenure of Administrative Law Judges, who are responsible for voting not to give him tenure.

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