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Monday, October 01, 2007

Media: This week's New York Times magazine

Looking at Sunday's New York Times magazine ... it's full of crap! A few comments ...

Do the editors think we all make $300,000 per year? Most people in the U.S.- even middle class people - are worrying and struggling financially. But, man oh man, you would never know that by looking at this magazine. It is the college issue so maybe they have to make things look like everything's A-Okay ... as you go off to college, don't worry about a thing ... all that money and energy ... really ... everything is okay ... this country really isn't going to hell in a hand basket.

In the inside cover is quite a spread. Trump's vision. "Manhattan's boldest, brightest new neighborhood. Riverside South a community on the rise ... affording residents the luxury of life on the water ..." Pardon me while I take time to have a bitter and disdainful chuckle. Does Trump ... or any of those residents worry about global warming? Glacial melting? Rising waters? To see the most likely consequences of global warming to the Trump's vision, go here. Trump's been a busy little beaver. See my post on his vision in New Orleans here.

Then there's a 14-page advertisement for Kuwait, "The Rise of a Global Player ... This supplement has been produced and sponsored by Summit Communications. It did not involve the reporting or editing staff of The New York Times." Summit Communications is a New-York based public relations firm that produces "special country, regional, and sectoral promotional reports" that are inserted into the New York Times as advertising supplements. Promotional and upbeat ... not the full picture. Here are some of the topics covered in this spread:
  • Islamic Banking Is Based On Ethics
  • Foreign Participation Is Key To Boosting Oil Production
  • How Oil Wealth Has Enabled A Small Arab Country To Assist Developing Nations All Over The World
[said breathlessly and with great excitement]
TAKE ME!!! YES! YES! YES! I want to go there. I want to be a maid and have my sponsor hold onto my passport so I can't leave. Yes, and I'm sure they'd really welcome me - a feminist and a lesbian!

"Foreign Participation Is Key To Boosting Oil Production" ... I guess that's the philosophy in Iraq too. Foreign participation. God these mADmen are good at weasel wording!

No wonder people are turning to other sources of news. Who wants to wade through this crap?

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Touche! Who, indeed.


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