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Monday, August 06, 2007

Praise be to YearlyKos! Pop Pop!

I'm so very excited!!

And I was so very bummed out today while listening to that horrible news about Bush winning his victory with the new version of the FISA law (Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Act). Basically, the Bushie scumbags can monitor your communication if they suspect that you are in communication with a foreign spy. And we know how fast and loose the Bushies will define "suspect" and "spy" ... and, who knows, maybe even "foreign."

Here's an excerpt from Slate's website:
... the new law obliges phone and Internet companies to create back doors for eavesdroppers; if they don't comply, they can be held in contempt. And best of all, there's no longer an audit of abuses by the DoJ's inspector general. Instead, Congress will receive an update on that twice a year from none other than the attorney general—the very individual who, even as this legislation was being prepared, was exposed as having denied, under oath, the existence of surveillance abuses by the FBI.
So, I was just in a bad mood all day. Furious. Ready to rumble. Ready to deck a few spineless Democrats ... who were so brave after the election ... and now? Et tu, Brute? But, I'm generally a peacenik so no rumbling.

I came home and turned on the tube and surfed to C-SPAN and lo and behold ... they were broadcasting a panel discussion from the YearlyKos convention! Joy! The panel was moderated by Adam Green from and panelists were:
  • S.R. Sidarth, campaigner for Jim Webb, has worked on many campaigns, is best known for being taunted by George Allen and Allen calling him a macaca
  • Lane Hudson, the person who posted emails created by that hypocrite Mark Foley
  • Mike Stark, blogger for
Progressives ... talking like real progressives!! On TV!!!!!

Praise be to C-SPAN.

Praise be to YearlyKos. I joined YearlyKos just a few moments ago.

Folks, you can check out the convention. There's lots of good stuff that you can hook up to. Here's their site.

I had a small dream start floating around in me wee brain ... PolCat and me (and others?) going to the convention sometime in the near future ... next year, perhaps?

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